Hodgson Park Ballad

Wilga Park Conquistador x Hodgson Park Hideaway (wb)

Ballad is a buckskin morgan x warmblood who should mature at approximately 16.2hh.  He has a sweet temperament and loves nothing more that a cuddle and a scratch.  Ballad is showing amazing athletic, expressive paces that will allow him to be highly successful, particularly in dressage.

Hodgson Park Torulosa

Wilga Park Conquistador x Mt Tawonga Marrella

Torulosa (Rose) is named after the Allocasuarina torulosa is the rose sheoak, a gorgeous red wood tree.  Rose is a bay filly with presence to spare.  She has a quiet confidence in herself, however, is not pushy or demanding.  Rose amazed the breeding vets with her temperament, conformation and looks – not an easy task!

Unfortunately Rose suffered from colic when she was only a few months old.  Although she showed only minor symptoms and immediate veterinary treatment was given, this special girl was not able to be saved.  While only with us a short time, Rose showed us what an amazing combination Conquistador and Marrella are.

Hodgson Park Melody

RanchBoss Cortez x Hodgson Park Hideaway (wb), born 9/9/2013

Melody is a smokey black morgan x warmblood mare who should mature at approximately 16.1hh.  She exhibits the morgan quality of thinking first which makes her very trainable.  She is also an athletic mare who will be highly suitable for dressage, hacking or jumping.

 Hodgson Park Telopea

RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella

Telopea is a brown gelding who should mature at approximately 15.2hh.  He is highly intelligent and inquisitive with a high play drive.  Telopea is very trainable and loves to please his person.  This, combined with his expressive paces, will make for a fun, successful partnership with the right person.

As a yearling, Telopea chose Michelle Higgins as his forever person.  He then made the trip across Australia to live with Michelle in Victoria.  Michelle and Telopea have already been very successful in showing, and it will be exciting to see what they achieve in the future.

Hodgson Park Buckingham

RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Tippuhana,  born 21/9/2012

Bucky Boy has been named Hodgson Park Buckingham, and he is surely fit for royalty. He is a an athletic foal who has already shown himself to be highly trainable. With his conformation, temperament and movement, Bucky has the potential to fulfill any dreams.

Bucky Boy is very people orientated and he just loves to please. He is quick to come up to anyone who comes to see him (which is the only reason people would come in the paddock of course!). His gentle, inquisitive and playful personality shines through and I have got so much enjoyment watching him in the paddock.

As a yearling Bucky chose Melissa Guest as his forever person and these two have a fantastic partnership. At 16hh as a 3 year old, Bucky has allowed Melissa to start her own young horse and it is wonderful seeing the progress of these 2 as they attend clinics, train at working equitation, enjoy trail rides and horseback archery!

Hodgson Park Fringe Lily

RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Tippuhana, born 10/12/2010

Lily has lived up to the beauty of the Fringe Lily that she is named after. She is a sweet filly who has exceeded all my expectations. She is the complete package with presence, expressive paces, trainability and a temperament that belies her age.

Lily has chosen Shannon Herd as her forever person, and waited until the timing was right for her to join Shannon’s family. Lily has been started under saddle and is fulfilling Hodgson Park’s aim of breeding horses with the potential to perform and the temperament to enjoy.  The most rewarding part of breeding is seeing the enjoyment that these horses bring to their people, and the smile on Shannon’s face always speaks volumes!