Hodgson Park Thomasia (aka Macie)

Wilga Park Conquistador x Mt Tawonga Marrella

Buckskin purebred Morgan filly, born 1/11/2016

Should mature approx. 15.1hh

The Conquistador x Marrella cross is quickly becoming known as a very special combination.  Macie is definitely living up to this expectation with a wonderful combination of temperament, conformation and athleticism.  Macie is a real people horse, loving to spend time with her humans.  She is quietly confident in herself but also loves playing with her brother and sister.  Macie loves learning, and is quick to accept new things.

Macie is just the sweetest foal, and will enrich the lives of her forever person.  She will make a wonderful riding horse in any discipline or pleasure.  However, she will also make a positive contribution to any breeding program.

Macie is offered for sale to approved homes.

$11,000 inc GST

Hodgson Park Melody

RanchBoss Cortez x Hodgson Park Hideaway (WB)

Smokey black Morgan x Warmblood filly, born 9/9/2013

Should mature approx. 16.1hh

Melody was Hodgson Park’s first Morgan x Warmblood.  The aim was to produce a horse with the power, movement and height of a warmblood, but with the temperament of the Morgans, and Melody has seen this come to fruition.  Melody is an intelligent mare and even in the paddock shows the ability to both collect and extend with expressive paces.  She is a horse who will work best with her own person; one she can trust and try her best for.

While not started under saddle yet, Melody has shown a potential for dressage.  However, she would also be suited to disciplines such as eventing, working equitation etc.

Melody is currently for sale at $6600 inc GST.  However, this price will increase when she is started under saddle at then end of 2017.